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Breaking into the cannabis business without touching the plants

Updated: May 9, 2019

The cannabis industry is projected to be a potential 600 billion dollar global industry. With legalization in the cross hairs, how does one get into the business other than directly selling and working with cannabis plants. A few examples that will help people understand the industry. 

Consultant: a consultant focuses starting and sustaining a business. They know the ins and outs, the laws and more importantly the contacts. How is you become one?  Network like your life depends on it. Become a source of truth for other businesses. There are not many consultants in the industry yet as most are tied in with a major company and not sharing there techniques and expertise.

Working for SaaS companies in the cannabis industry that doesn't touch the plant; it is not associated with the production or consumption sectors at all. These companies are focused on having the reputation and transparency platform for cannabis industry professionals, most are currently in open beta. Reaching out to these companies ceos with a dynamic LinkedIn request to connect is a great way to get your foot in the door. 

Specialized lawyer in the Cannabis industry. This is an externally important job.  Knowing the rules of engagement is extremely important. The wrong movies could put you in a jail cell. Socially and culturally cannabis has become quite popular. Everyone sees the money. Legally this is still a schedule 1 drug. Some states will lock you up and take all your money. 

Protection/security. Running a protection and security business is quite lucrative. Many states where cannabis are dealing with large amounts of cash and product. Protecting these assets from individuals who want to take it is another area of opportunity. 

While this is not every job that in the industry. This is a great start to the wide open opportunity if the government removes cannabis from the controlled substance list.


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