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Break down of programming languages that you should know from 20 plus year software developer

Updated: May 25, 2019

A popular question is what languages should you learn to become a successful developer/free lancer. I've been writing software for more than 20 years and here's my breakdown:

java: 80%javascript:



php, C, a few others: 5%

You should learn one language really well before you start learning other languages. If you do that, then you'll generally understand how programming works, which is important for learning other languages.

How many languages one should know?

As many as you need to get your work done.

Do you learn them whenever you have a new project and you see that you need one in particular?

Generally, yes.

How does this work and is knowing many languages something that I should strive for? Or is quality over quantity better?

If you know Java then learning C# isn't going to greatly expand your knowledge. If you know java and learn C then that's better. Generally, learning things that are of a different complexity or from a different paradigm is what's important.

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