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Struggling to close deal? Are you putting in the extra work to become better?

It is not the times when its easy that make us better, its the times when it is hard. When things aren't adding up, are you reworking your plan?

We all struggle to sell at times. If you're having trouble at the moment, whether you are a sales veteran or a complete newbie, ask yourself if you're doing the following actions. If you're not, then you're certainly not doing your best, and that's not acceptable:

Are you getting yourself into the right mental state beforehand? (Ex: playing your favorite music, saying affirmations, looking at your vision board, or literally whatever makes you feel confident and upbeat)

Are you getting into the right physical state? (Ex: exercise, diet, doing a few pushups, etc.)

Are you training every day to learn something new about sales? (Ex: watching a sales training video, reading a sales book, reading about psychology, etc.)

Are you learning something new about your industry every day? (Ex; industry magazines, Facebook groups where your prospects hang out, etc.)

Are you role playing / rehearsing your script or a particular part of your script?

Are you writing down (or otherwise logging) every single objection you get, whether it is in the prospecting call, qualification step, presentation, trial close, close, referral request, or at any point during the sale?

Are you practicing your rebuttals for the objection(s) you get most often, on a daily basis?

If you're not doing the above actions, which are all free and only require your time, then don't complain about your lack of sales. And don't wonder why you're struggling. Do everything above for a week and see if you're still in a slump. Sales is about effort, and luckily that's the only thing you can truly control anyway. Edit (a quick addition): Are you prospecting? You can't close deals if you have an empty funnel!


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