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Starting in cyber security

Updated: May 2, 2019

If you have no IT background or degree. It’s ok if your reading this you have the curiosity to start. If you are working in a job you and I really want to switch towards something more technical and growing cyber security might be the field for you. Going to college is an option however if time isn’t a luxury and you don’t want to plunge yourself into debt. I put together a list of things to get you going

1-Learn command line linux (Centos as its the non-commercial variant of industry standard RedHat). (Tons of guides like Cybrary or the excellent Linux Zoo).

2-Do the Security+ cert or at least learn it - the CIA triad underpins security thinking. (Professor Messer or Cybrary are free).

3-Follow the major cybersecurity sources: https://securityscorecard.com/blog/top-10-information-security-websites-to-follow (chuck in Wired and any of your own favourites, also follow stuff like F5 Security on twitter) to get immersed in the current threats etc.

4-Understand the basics of cryptography, hashing, public/private key, certificates. (check out Asecuritysite). Net+ or at least a basic understanding of networks and DNS. (Again Prof Messer does free tuition with cheap printable study guides available).

5-Basic ethical hacking (pen testing) and learning about SIEMS could be useful. Tons of resources online but it takes a bit of time for all the various components and concepts to coalesce. Looking at vacancies to see what they need could also help you figure out what is most valuable to learn.

Experience is key a great way to secure that would be calling service providers in your area. Inquiry re opportunities to work or volunteer there. This will show that you are eager to learn and is willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals.

In the end it is really going to come down to yourself. You have to be that person that makes sacrifices and puts a lot of time studying and hands on. You have to treat it like any other discipline in your life

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