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So you want to break into the weed business??

When weed is legal we will all be rich....right??

Depending what state your in there are different rules to this question. However if we look at the potential future you have to look at Colorado. There really is no difference between medical or recreational other than the tag that was put on it. Most places grow medical and recreational side by side in the same conditions. When rec was legalized here in CO, every grower got a one time pass to convert as many strains/plants from med to rec. So really, all rec plants came from a medical mother at some point.

When it comes to med vs rec, its more about what the customer has to pay for. Recreational is taxed to hell and medical has reduced taxes (because medical patients pay extra for a card.)

I had no medical background and started in my first grow 2 years ago because I had experience in the fast paced, cleanliness of a restaurant and they ONLY grew medical.

As a grower, i would say the best things to do to train yourself to be a budtender is to be a server or some other job where you have to "put on a face." Budtending is all about caring for the customer and helping them get what they need from the store. If you're knowledgeable about your products, people will come back to see you specifically. And knowing the product is great, but also knowing how it effects the customer is also highly beneficial and recognizing that it affects people differently is a big thing too. A lot of people now a days go into a dispensary not knowing what they are looking for because they are first time smokers (and when it becomes legal in your state you'll see it.) People smoke it who have never tried it before just because it's legal now so they don't know anything about it.

This is a brand new industry the land is still being laid and the rules are still not defined. However if you are serious about this it will take more than just a session of smoking to hammer out a business plan. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom to get the experience to start something real. Hopefully this helped


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