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Linkedin Tips for your profile

So you have been putting it off for months maybe years. What the hell is LinkedIn? I don’t do social media. Look at LinkedIn as the new resume. It is your first look at the world. If you can’t put the time in to show off who you are professionally. How can a job take you seriously to put the work on with a company you want to work for? 

I was in the same boat once, with these top five ways to start we will begin the process of showing the world who you are 

1- first thing is first. Put a picture on the profile. Nothing side ways or artistic no college  photos, a simple professional looking selfie will do. Nothing is worse then seeing that ghost profile shadow. 

2- fill in your employment history as if it is from  your resume. Accomplishments, go above and beyond. If your job sucks or is boring throw some action words in there that make it sound like you where the authority figure someone that wants to be a leader at whatever role he is in. 

3- connect with people from your college. A simple message to college alumni will open up doors. Connecting with people you graduated with won’t work. You want to connect with alumni who are established. A short note connect note will do. You don’t have to blab about your life how hard working you are or how your going to change the world. 

4-  engage with your audience. If you are reading and interesting book or something on twitter post it on your feed. Stay away from political issues and device issues that could start fights. Leave that stuff for other social networks or the dinner table. This is a good gage at who is clicking on your profile and from where. This also proves you aren’t a social media tomb stone. What is that. Pretty much just a page that shows nothing but who you are. Show your interests. 

5- you are your own brand. Remember that and hold that with a level of pride. I’m not Gary V but he certainly empowers people to recognize it. That means keeping a level of professionalism on LinkedIn. 

These are 5 simple tips to help you get going with LinkedIn. I look forward to helping you start showing off your incredible talents. 

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