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How to get a successful mentor to work with you

The best way to learn is though experience even if you have to exchange your time for an opportunity.

When I read books or watch content around wealth and entrepreneurship they always recommend to find a mentor that will help you start and manage your business and properly invest your capital. Most importantly, kick your ass and tell you to carry on when you are about to slack off or give up. Mentors are also good for finding connections or can eventually become good business partners themselves. While it might seem like an impossible people are willing to help however you have to ask. Sometimes that’s the hardest part but it can pay off in spades if doors are opened

I'm not an expert on the subject but what I can advise is that you start by looking for fairly successful people around your circle (home, city, work ...) and ask to work for them for free. You want the experience and opportunity so you can learn from them their day to day habits, reviewing their presentation, writing their emails, managing their calendar.

This if you do not have any special skills (designer, marketing specialist, SEO, programmer). —- link these words to courses

If so, you can try to search online for people you see who can contribute something to your life and offer them your services in exchange for supporting you by giving you something of their experiences and learn from them.

You have to remember that these are people who spend their entire day in a constant hustle and bustle and that their time is worth it.

So, what could you do to make life a little easier for them? That is the question you have to ask yourself. You will not wait because you are a person full of great ideas, those people have an obligation to help you because yes, you have to give them something of value in return, and it has to be something that really enhances their development or helps them, keep in mind that these asking for the most valuable asset a person has (his time).

It does not necessarily have to be someone millionaire, but rich in experiences that can empower your mind by developing it at an incredible level.

Just look for a person that calls your attention, that inspires you in a certain way, and give them something in return for them to be with you. Put your self out there and have a chat for a while whenever you can, believe me, a simple chat with someone of great mind can change your perspective maybe even the future path of your life

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