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How to marry Technology and weed

Those are two VERY different tasks and I think it would be better to try to serve them with two different apps, if it were me thinking about it.

Personal growers want to create grow diaries with pictures and commentary and the ability to export that to a pretty web page they can share with friends and forums.

Commercial growers need spreadsheets for tracking a LOT of data at once.

Any app that is easy and pretty enough for the first group is going to be too simplistic for the second... and any app that's full featured enough for a commercial grower is probably going to be overwhelming for a tent grow?

Maybe you're looking at it from an angle I'm not seeing... but I find it hard to imagine an app that would be a good fit for both?

Ideas are worthless to investors, they will pay you to solve problems. They want to see products. You're going to have to have a working prototype of your app that feels very polished before anyone is going to give you a dollar. If you have a track record of making similar apps that have been commercially successful, then maybe you can get someone to invest early, but for the most part it's going to be a Field of Dreams situation. You're going to have to build it before they'll come.

Once you have a working and polished prototype - getting investors behind you for the phase where you scale up your back end to enterprise levels may be possible! But you're going to have to be able to put the app in their hands and let them see a working local demo of it before they're going to give you the time of day, let alone write you checks!

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