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How do I rank for a blog

Launching a blog is a hard endeavor. It’s not something I like to do. But once it gets going it’s a great hobby that could eventually be a fun way to make a little bit of extra cash. One of the problems is finding traffic for your blog. My best practices to generate traffic are as follows

Don't duplicate keywords across multiple articles. Google won't like that and you'll have pages 'cannibalising' or competing for each other. You say you have 'Life Lessons from' titled on 10 pages so perhaps Google doesn't know what to do with a term like 'Life Lessons' and your site? What are the pages called? If its something like 'Life Lessons from College', then are you ranking for that? Its a better to target 'long tail' keywords like this than trying to rank for a shorter term like 'Life Lessons'. After you established the key words that you want to rank for your article. You need to take this blueprint and construct your blog article

Do your long tail keyword research (3-5 words long) Use the keyword in the Title (meta) Use the keyword in the Description (meta) Use the keyword in the first H1 Use the keyword in the first paragraph Use the keyword in the alt text of an image Sprinkle related terms throughout the article Don't overdo it (i.e. don't 'stuff' the article with the keyword)

Try to stick with a process when writing write articles that demonstrate EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust). Of course, some of these are off-page factors and out of your control, but try to write authoritative well researched articles. And most of all, write them with the end user in mind and be patient.

This is just scratching the surface of a deeper topic. If you can execute on the basics of this topic your value will increase exponentially. In its simplest form it’s all about attention.

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