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How do I become an ios app developer

iOS app development

I am a web developer (mainly wordrpess), and i have been trying to get my hands into iOS development and recently found an amazing website called Galibugs. It is created by a guy that has been doing different types of development for years and wants to teach beginners who are interested in iOS development. The course assumes you have no prior programming knowledge so it really starts from the fundamentals. It is a great way to understand the basics of app development.

IOS development is done in The Objective C (older) or Swift (newer) programming languages. Swift just builds upon objective C, so they are very similar, but start with Swift. The language is somewhat C like, so if you have ever done any C/C++ development it should look somewhat familiar.

Focus on the language before diving into design and such. After that, I would recommend simple apps that just do something ... A calculator , an address book, calorie counter, maybe a simple game

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