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This looks great but i just need to think about it.....

Knocked it out of the park or are you stuck kicking rocks. Sometimes you have to get a second at bat to close the deal, but know when to call it quits

We have all been to the finish line. We deliver an amazing proposal to someone. It’s a lock, wrap it up. And then they say they’ll have to look over the offer for a few days. You call them back in a few days and they say they still haven’t had a chance to look it over. How do you go about avoiding this kind of situation? If you set up a date for you to call them and they haven’t done what they said they were going to do, how do you proceed? Being in a transnational sales and I constantly get people saying they’ll look over the proposal in a few days. In the beginning I struggled to establish set guidelines for when I deliver a quote that they should be looking to order right there.

Through many trial and errors I found that if you are in a position to present the proposal in person? Sit down and talk through it. Bring a highlighter. I aim for this 99% of the time. It’s a way to delay the painful process of buying and guide the prospect thought the buying decision. If there is resistance to this because they might feel that you will try to hard sell or close on them, use an excuse / reasoning like "I know you are busy, and couldn't ask you to take 2 hours to read through all of the Ts & Cs, technical aspects etc, so how about we meet for 10 minutes and we can run through the proposal? I can answer any questions you might have, and then you will be in a better position to consider this" This will give you an opportunity to gauge their interest, ask probing questions, and hopefully get to the bottom of what problem they are REALLY trying to solve. It might turn out that your proposal is good (But so are the competitions), but needs to be tweaked to speak to their specific needs. Find out what matters to them. With good question asking and listening, they will tell you what matters, and if your proposal has that included - highlight that. Otherwise they will be reading the entirety of it, and taking it as a whole. You need to make the aspects that matter to them stand out, and you only know what matters to them by asking.

It’s important to ask about their timeline for implementation. So when it gets to this point and they say they haven’t looked it over you can ask if their timeline has changed. Then remind them about your delivery timeline, whatever that is. It’s best to be upfront though, it’s ok to ask if they are still interested. Better to have a quick no then dragging it out for weeks.



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